Corporate & Office Building Services

We offer all our services tailored toward office, co-ops & corporate spaces. Plantscape maintenance, upgrades, design & installation. Wether you've got a few plants or hundreds of containers, we can help you protect and care for your valuable plant investment.

Photo of AGI plants in a local office building

Restaurants, Retail & Models

Let us help you to create & maintain lush and beautiful plantscapes to allow your guests to enjoy their time spent with you. We have the experience and expertise, gained from years of servicing, that meets all of the plant needs of restaurants, retail shops & model homes.

Photo of AGI plants at a local restaurant

Private Homes & Residences

Keep your personal plants healthy and flourishing. Our friendly, experienced and professional techs will care for your plants and keep them looking their best. Amazing Yard?  We can also help you with all of your landscaping needs.

Photo of AGI plants in a local residence

Our Philosophy & Commitment

PREMIUM PLANTS We use only live, high-quality plants in our designs. Our plant maintenance agreement comes with our replacement guarantee – if a plant purchased from A Greener Image is not thriving, we will replace it at no charge.

EXPERT DESIGN Our horticulture creations are thoughtfully designed with your goals in mind. Light and environment, budgets, access, maintenance and schedules are all important factors to consider. We will work with you to determine your needs and create an eye-catching and unique design and maintenance solution for you.

EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE We are proud of all our established, long-lasting relationships with our clients. We notice and adore the smiles we catch on the faces of the people we encounter as we make our rounds. We’re delighted to be here for you and your plants.

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