Five Reasons to Plant a Garden

Everyone can benefit from knowing about the origins of food, the best way to learn is to jump in and get involved. Gardening is an amazing way to get outside, away from electronics for a few precious moment... to take a break from the digital world. Learning about plants and how they thrive is fun! Get your hands dirty. 

Healthy food, right outside your door.  Imagine having a produce section right in your own backyard.  Make dinner without having to leave your house.

Organic Pesticide Free Vegetables
Knowing where your vegetables come from makes them taste even better! Growing your own vegetables gives you peace of mind that you are giving your family GMO & Pesticide Free veggies.  There are many ways of controlling pests naturally….my favorite method, is the use of beneficial insects (ladybugs, praying mantis…)

Physical Activity
Something magical happens after you have put all your sweat into preparing your garden and watching your seeds transform into gorgeous, fresh vegetables. The fruits of your labor!  The pride you feel when you see the results of all your hard work makes it all worth it. Burning calories and having fun while you’re doing it!

Feeling stressed? I find that just 15 minutes in the garden is an instant ‘attitude adjustment’.  It has been proven that being outdoors gardening reduces stress and calms the nerves.  The flowers, watching the bees, the physical release, the fresh air, the smell of the soil, the satisfaction of harvesting….I can’t think of a better, more relaxing therapy!

Garden Grown TomatoesBaby CarrotsBig beautiful Zucchini

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